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Charitable Establishment

We are one of the first Tamil charitable establishment in Europe with nearly 38 years of service where we have helped launch 15 such organisations across the UK.

When we started in 1982 young migrants arrived largely from Sri Lanka because of the civil war and professionals from South India. They have found in us as their home to meet other Tamils from Sri Lanka and India. They were aimless, hopeless, and homesick in new country.  But by coming here consistently helped them.

The community service was launched, as our people started to meet  after our church services, for hours over tea and snacks for a chat. In those conversations, people were sharing their stories, suggesting ways forward, helping one another to cope with life in a new continent.

Then these young men found ladies from similar backgrounds and got married and started to have families. But still large number of people continued arrive from Sri Lanka, so our work continued to grow as a community till today. That is why we helped to launch another 15 such establishments. 


Community Service

We continue to serve the community in the following ways.

  • Looking after people with mental health providing them with care, counselling and support them with their daily needs.

  • We help them to find their own accommodations and continue to help with supporting them socially, physically, and financially.

  • We find places for young and lonely people to stay.

  • We help the local elderly people by assisting them with their GP appointments and transportation to Hospital.

  • We regularly visit people in nursing and care homes.

  • We provide voluntary interpreters for hospital appointments, Solicitors, and court and immigration cases.

  • We help create CVs and help with interview skills.

  • We also help people to find work/jobs.

  • We provide low income families with financial helps for weddings and funerals.

  • We also provide financial help for families with low income and single parents. 

  • We also provide counselling for families with all kinds of emotional issues.

  • We run free kids’ clubs with meals for children ages 5 to 16 during school holidays.

  • Annually we organise weekends away for young adults, families and teenagers who struggle in life. This weekend includes fun, activities, and trainings to improve their life skills. 

  • We have helped thousands of people though this, many have found meaning in life and being a blessing to the community in return.


Prison Ministry

We have worked along with Belmarsh prison to help young men in the prison. Also, once they come out of prison, we provide supports for them to get back onto their feet and find a sense of normality.




Recently, we were able to find a building that is available for sale. The building has all the facilities we need, and more importantly it is situated in the heart of Newham which is the perfect location for us to support and serve the local community. However, the building is estimated to cost around £2.5 million and we are not able to fund this entirely by ourselves right now.


As a Tamil Charity, we have been searching for a place to call our own for a very long time and finding a building like this one, that suits all our needs, is so rare. That is why we are humbly requesting your assistance in purchasing this building, whether that be helping us through this fundraising activity our church targets to run or by providing direct financial support. Your assistance in this regard would be greatly appreciated and many members of our community will be positively impacted by this.

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