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Help sponsoring this event !!!

Praise the Lord!


Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.


Emmanuel Christian Fellowship is an historical Tamil Christian congregation in East London which is the first across the UK and Europe. We have been searching for a place to call our own for an awfully long time and now we have found a building in the local area which is a perfect location for us to support and serve the local community which includes Tamil Christians in London, UK. It is with a great sense of hope that we are requesting Sponsorship for our Church Building fundraising event - Gospel Singer Contest.

Your support in this regard would be greatly appreciated and many members of our community will be positively impacted by this. We are also encouraged by the fact that you are a strong believer, supporter and sponsor for Christian congregational events. 

Once again, very many thanks for your willingness to sponsor and we feel extremely honoured to have you onboard for the event and  would make sure that the experience is great not only for us but also for you.

May God bestow His grace and favor upon you.


God Bless You Abundantly! 

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