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Kids Ministries :

We have Sunday School classes for those between the ages of 2 to 14 during Tamil service (4.15– 5.15). We have six classes altogether, with over 60 children and 26 teachers in total. We also have a Youth service for those aged 14 and above. During the Sunday School time we have worship sessions, story time, craft work, memory verses, and lots of fun. The children visit the main service during their class times to give performances on special occasions, such as the Christmas

season and Easter Sunday. We also have Kids Club during the school holidays, as well as summer camps

Men's Ministry : 

The ECF Men's Ministry takes place every Friday at 8pm at Church. Here, the men of the church get together and have a great time of prayer and fellowship in an intimate setting. We are always open to new members so please feel free to join us on a Friday evening. 

Women's Ministry

The ECF Women's ministry takes place every Friday at noon. Women from the church gather together for a time of prayer and conversation. We are always open to new women joining us for fellowship during this time, so please feel free to join us at the church. 

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